September 11, 2006



Post from a forum I go to.

June 17, 2006

Well, I haven't been around here much, because I've been studying for a crucial math test.I guess it wasn't enough, seeing as I failed that test, and now I have summer school. See you in 6-8 weeks.
I'll miss it 'round here. But yeah. See you in a few weeks.

New episode coming soon

June 14, 2006

So sooner or late, meaning tomorrow or the next day, RR3 will come out, and it'll be the more serious edition. But I hope you look forward to it, because after that, guess what? TWICE A WEEK, BABY. So I'll get some stuff from digg. Woo.

How’s dis crap gonna work my dog?

June 12, 2006

Well, I'll tell you.

If you've been listening you know that the first episode was all serious like. The second, however, was way more…goofy. so here's the setup.

Every other episode will be silly. Silly. Hee.

The end.

Rusty’s Rants 2 – ALLLL NATURAL

June 10, 2006

1000 percent ALL NATURAL

Not kept my promise..

June 4, 2006

Schools been very busy latley. I promise I'll update soon as it lets out.


New Rusty’s Rants coming soon

May 25, 2006

Hey, all. Sorry for the big delay between episodes, but…well, just was TOO PREOCUPIED. But the show will from now on be alot less nerdy and more…strange. I have a podcast for the nerdy stuff.